Bah-weep-Graaaaagnah wheep ni ni bong

Hm. I wanna start selling cheap commissions on stuff like fic and art to make a bit of pocket money but I am not really prolific enough in any fandoms that anyone would really do it.

Aw yisss just got the first five issues of lumberjanes from the comic store.

Today’s a good daaaaay I got a 86 on my geology teeeeeest (92 after the grades were curved) and during photography the teacher had nothing bad to say about my photoooos


This is actually brilliant


This is actually brilliant


Does Nicholas Sparks not get tired of writing the same book over and over and over again?

"supporting" trans children by misgendering them




It’s really fucking funny to me because after the first him her mom corrected herself and then continued on with calling her daughter “her”
This is fukh8 who is quoting wrong and actually changing the quote to make sure you know this girl was assigned male at birth
It’s not the mom who fukh8 was quoting.



this entire month is halloween don’t let anyone tell you otherwise 

Thirty-one days of Halloween is simply an evolutionary response to Christmas now beginning on November 1st.


imagine steve rogers finding out people were saying that girls and women shouldn’t wear captain america merchandise and uploading a youtube video of him that consists of like seven minutes of him reading the stupid comments out loud in silly voices and laughing



My friend David had his ID stolen the other day
now we just call him Dav 

I’m so mad